Rotaract Canada Swag Shop

The Rotaract Canada Swag Shop

Rotaract “swag” like you’ve never seen before

The Rotaract Canada SwagShop is our ongoing, year-round fundraiser that offers fun, creative Rotaract Canada “swag” products, for Rotaractors across the region to proudly display Rotary in style. We offer a range of cool, unique items, from t-shirts, to tote bags to socks and much more! All funds raised go towards covering our MDIO’s operational costs, allowing us to provide valuable services to our member district and support them in growing Rotaract in the region.

Due to limitations on the platform, we are unable to make clothing articles gender neutral or remove the male/female sorting categories and naming on products. However, we think clothing is a terribly silly thing to gender and encourage you to find your perfect fit in all areas of the store.

Check back often for new products and designs!

Payment information, order fulfillment and shipping are all handled securely by a trusted third-party service provider. Inventory is subject to availability.