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I am satisfied with the material and the size


Best self-printed t-shirt I've ordered online. I'll be back as a customer next time I need one!


After reading a few reviews, people mentioned that we should get 1-2 size(s) up. I made the mistake of doing that and got 4xl instead of 2xl, spreadsheet was kind enough to exchange it (thank you)! The shirt is quite thin, but so soft. I got it as a gift for the bf and he loved it :)


T-shirt fine.The customs fee however (Australia to UK),was an unwelcome surprise.The price of said *** crossed the customs fee threshold, meaning this item was way too expensive. I won't be using this company again unless the cost means there is no customs fee.Other companies manage this.


The torso was fine but the arms are way too tall. You would think that *** arms would be more comfortable but it made for a weird fit.
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