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About Brian Doherty Stuff Canada

The Bird is a character Brian Doherty, one of the founding members and guitarist of the platinum-selling band Big Wreck, created.  Long before his days at Berklee College of Music his gateway into the arts was through sketching. He got it from his father, a long respected member of the The New York Illustrators Club. With that same proclivity Brian captures a moment quickly, communicating it’s feel and humor through illustration. Henceforth came The Bird.  

The Bird has been on napkins, guitar picks, stickers, tattoos and tee-shirts.  The Bird even made it to the big time when he was larger than life on the Big Wreck backdrop during the 2012 Albatross record release tour!

Now The Bird graces some new tee-shirts, mugs and he’s all set for rockstar status!  

The Bird. Embrace The Bird! Get The Bird before he gets you YOU know what we’re talkin’ about!.

See more of what The Bird is up to at BrianDohertyMusic.com, and on facebook, instagram and youtube!